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Pediatric Therapy Associates is committed to providing outstanding, quality, evidence-based care to the children we serve and their families.

We appreciate and respond to all feedback from our families. Every summer we conduct a practice-wide survey to assess our success, and to determine where we need to commit resources to improving the care that we provide. The following are comments from some of our many PTA families that have invited us to share their feedback with others. To view the complete survey results, please click on the link under “Related Files”.

We have had the best experience at PTA and our daughter has made great strides since we began OT with Meaghan about 6 months ago. We came from another, small physical therapy office and were doubtful occupational therapy as a whole was doing our daughter any good. Turns out OT *done well* has made all the difference! We’re super grateful for you all!

PTA has been nothing but incredible.. this starts from the front desk- the ladies up there are amazing and are always willing to help. Any interaction that I have had with staff has been nothing but positive. My son is a happy boy and this in many ways is in thanks to PTA.

We have nothing but positive things about PTA!! I recommend this place to all my friends!! The therapists here are exceptional!!! And all the ladies who work in the front, they make you feel like family, and always welcome!

The receptionists are so friendly! They are professional and help to make what can be a difficult situation (child receiving therapy) much more enjoyable. I am very grateful for PTA and what they have done for my child and for my family.

My son is slowly showing improvement in core strength, coordination and handwriting. He also appears to have an increase in self-confidence related to being able to perform these tasks. He has a fantastic relationship with Ansley, and he respects and admires her very much. I couldn’t be happier with his progress.

We have been beyond thrilled with the therapy Anna has provided for our daughter. She has formed a wonderful relationship with our daughter and gives clear advice on what to practice at home weekly. She is quick to answer any question and respond to any concerns we may have. Our daughter looks forward to her sessions and for the first time feels excited about speech!

Amy Michael continues to be one of the best therapists we have ever had. She goes above and beyond every single time we see her. She gives us homework to do, collaborates with my child’s school and is all around helpful. My daughter has gone from not talking but a single word, to not being able to keep her mouth shut at times. I am mean that in a GREAT way! 😊 So thankful for Amy!

Erin, Meaghan & Courtney have been such blessings to my family, this is so much more than a job for each of them, they go above & beyond for each individual child. Three of my four children have seen one or all of these therapist for different reasons & we have been so happy with the care they have received & continue to receive from PTA.

I have been very happy with the program and everything you offer here. It’s been very affective for both kids, and benefited our entire family. Comparing your office, and all skills, games and activities you offer to the Las Vegas therapy center the kids visited is like comparing night and day. I am so happy to be here and have my kids exposed to everything you offer. It keeps them engaged, excited about coming, and constantly learning and improving.

We have been coming here for over 2 years and have two children seen by the therapists at PTA Kids. This is a WONDERFUL practice, and the multiple therapists we see - Kelsey, Morgan and Cathryn, and Megan are all incredibly awesome. They all do an amazing job with my kids, and we have seen so much progress over the last few years. The best thing is that my kids are happy to go to therapy, and that makes life so much easier when you have multiple appointments. The office staff is so friendly, helpful, and knows us well, so we are thankful for their above and beyond service for our family!

Since coming to PTA my daughter has learned a lot from all her therapist. She has learned to walk, speak in full sentences. She has had one of her occupational therapist since she was one year old and she is now 5. She has bonded with all her therapist and loves coming to see them. She tells me when I say we are going to see who ever is for that day that she loves that person. It’s a great place and I’m glad we feel so welcomed when we come in.

The services that the facility and staff provide to our children are invaluable. Caring for special needs children can be very challenging and rewarding, and it is a true help to have others who wish to help us along our journey. Than you for the special interest you have in assisting me with the needs of my special child!

PTA / Carly has helped my son in so many ways. When he first started seeing Carly he would have horrible outburst and he could not calm himself down or express what he was feeling. With Carly’s help his outburst have pretty much completely ended and my son is happy and able to express himself. My son looks forward to coming to “Ms. Carly’s office” twice a week and that speaks volumes!

We have been working with PTA for about 6 years, but recently (within the past year) switched all of our therapies (ST, OT, and PT) to PTA and in-clinic. We love our experiences with all of our therapists and they all continue to work with our son to make progress, challenge him with new goals, and work together with us for home goals combining with in-clinic goals. Plus, everyone we interact with genuinely loves our son, which is extremely important to us.

My son has made incredible improvements in his speech since starting therapy with your office. We are so happy that we were referred to you. He started out behind in speech development for his age and is now working on “age appropriate” speech development. We have many friends and relatives who comment on how well he is speaking!